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I am a full-stack software engineer focused on the Web platform. I also focus on decolonized education for Black and Brown youth in the realm of history and computer science. Check my resume.

What I Do

I work as a senior software engineer at Lob.

I focus on Web application development in languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Elixir. Currently, I've been focusing a lot on Elixir for its excellent mixture of the familiarities of Python and Ruby whilst introducing the power and battlefield of Erlang. I work on building delightful and effective user experiences, particularly using EmberJS.

I have experience working on Android applications as well. It focused around tooling, testing and finding performance bottlenecks in the application and library usage within the such.


I have worked as a software engineer for since 2011 at companies like Google, Horizon Media, BLS, Shutterstock, Clef and Lyft. Learn more about working with me.

I've done mentoring with youth and adults alike with amazing programs like Black Girls Code and Yes We Code.