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trifeca of posts
11 months ago
2017-05-15-dokku-app-manifest.markdown chore(deploy): Move to buildpacks, slight redesign. 1 year ago
2018-03-30.markdown Add some more posts and dropped old keys. 1 year ago
2018-05-01-the-rise-of-black-capitalism.markdown Some thoughts. 1 year ago
2018-10-30-koype-is-getting-stronger.markdown add more relme, prep two drafts 1 year ago
2018-10-31-indieweb-micropub-intro.markdown add more relme, prep two drafts 1 year ago
2018-12-06-activitydesk-build.markdown here we go 11 months ago
2018-12-21-kde-touchscreen.markdown this is weird. 11 months ago
2019-01-01-welcome-2019.markdown trifeca of posts 11 months ago
20180923225555.markdown add microsub 1 year ago
analytics-in-software.markdown Just tweak it up 1 year ago
full-service-webmentions.markdown fix it up 1 year ago
nextcloud-on-dokku.markdown fix(omg): A lot of CSS, markdown. 2 years ago
rebuilding-rebranding.markdown Okay. 1 year ago
virtualize-before-you-code.markdown Even more. 1 year ago