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  jackyalcine 60e00b945a
Update config and plug. 3 months ago
  jackyalcine 944bbcee33
Update baseline setup. 4 months ago
  jackyalcine 6c7a76990a
Make Twiggy eval. 4 months ago
  jackyalcine aa02f57a9b
Add ncm2 back. 4 months ago
  jackyalcine 72645fe88c
More ch-ch-ch-anges. 5 months ago
  jackyalcine 172bf9ce02
tweaks 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 396bd13af3
Updates to color and GUI mode. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 8b213f5653
works quickly 8 months ago
  jackyalcine f6b2e9c84d
use neovim-py{2,3} for versions. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine b2ae3ad251
remove bin folder 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 8618c1ede9
move versions around, update config. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 3ef9ca02a3
clean up, update deps and here we go 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 620b6b2999
update config and background. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine e85e3d04a0
fix it 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 46538efdc4
here we go 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 5ccf604c0a
update settings 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 8f3eeff7b6
update 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 75ad7d989c
update snapshot 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 9e6e0e5837
here we go 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 2d635ad5e1
use this 11 months ago
  jackyalcine a9cd86a516
make it work 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 804a19ae24
updates 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 9ae9292395
fix it 1 year ago
  jackyalcine db77edeea8
change theme 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 193b347d17
this is better 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 094e6fcd9a
here we go 1 year ago
  jackyalcine d186c41297
moved things around 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 7a9057806d
chore(init): Condense into singular file. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 0ad6208c0d
magic 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 30c15240ab
fix it up bruv 1 year ago
  jackyalcine e2c7aff5af
chore(init): clean it out. 1 year ago
  Jacky Alciné bb43dfdf1e Dropped mad plugins, add some stuff for gitcommits. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 2f082ae8d1 yup 1 year ago
  jackyalcine fe02d1c97e Add some bitbucket support. 1 year ago
  Jacky Alciné 0173f4690c add more updates 1 year ago
  Jacky Alciné 4fa66ead66 remove '--silent' 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 518307ada4 fix up true color 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 0a50df596d use the snapshot correctly. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine cf2921601a captured current setup. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine a5c0ac4c8b leggo 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 48defe1050 Fixing it up. 1 year ago
  Jacky Alciné 3189c15e33 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:jalcine/vimrc into develop 1 year ago
  Jacky Alciné 831e9cde8d word 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 78a095bcdb Merge tag 'v2018.05.06' into develop 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 924806a52c Merge branch 'release/2018.05.06' 1 year ago
  jackyalcine e667c5fa75 use that 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 6fcfff8f36 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:jalcine/vimrc into develop 1 year ago
  jackyalcine fa1640b824 Updates. 1 year ago
  Jacky Alciné 77ffb73105 leggo. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine f97e75aeb6 Tweaks. 1 year ago