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  jackyalcine 7886fb4f5b Opt for nvr. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine ac64964da1 feat(message): Make it more concise. 2 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 4d25e8edb7 feat(message): Make it smaller. 2 years ago
  jackyalcine 5a2c4d5ed8 Update jazz. 2 years ago
  jackyalcine 47a210f31e Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/jalcine/gitrc 2 years ago
  Jacky Alciné ea8c8cc95a Actually, just say no to drugs given to you by Ronald Reagen. 3 years ago
  Jacky Alciné e48257af85 No room for cache file. 3 years ago
  jackyalcine 442e4880fa Stop auto-signing, more verbose commit messages. 3 years ago
  jackyalcine 68d5ca18b7
Add some ignores, drop email. 3 years ago
  jackyalcine 8b3cdfa3ea
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jalcine/gitrc 3 years ago
  jackyalcine 20737a9247
push and set origin. 3 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 58be88791f
chore(cfg): Include the third. 3 years ago
  jackyalcine 30be778b62
Add Gitlab shorteners. 3 years ago
  jackyalcine c73a41a9c3
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jalcine/gitrc 4 years ago
  jackyalcine a57a83afe0
update cfg 4 years ago
  Jacky Alciné f9127a322e clean indents, remove dup alias. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine 743c2dc110 fix(push): Make it easier to push new branches. 4 years ago
  Jacky Alciné e93232753e update git. 4 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 5d42e79cc0 Update aliases for Git. 4 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 5a1981ebf5 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jalcine/gitrc 4 years ago
  Jacky Alciné cb3b0ff70f perf(git): Use just the local and patched file. 4 years ago
  Jacky Alciné e995a1bdb2 feat(git): Use neovim for diff-ing. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine b491558640 My signing key is to be used. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine ba0408be01 Add aliases for rebasing. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine f56321d553 Merge branch 'release/2015.09.19' 4 years ago
  jackyalcine b60a3e1e7c docs(commit-template): Add spacing for better rendering. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine 7d12274c3e config(gc): Make use of garbage collection. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine cf607bd387 template(commit): Update body with more details. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine 3c20e86ee2 Add some useful data to message. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine 9f35061dc5 Apply git commit message to source. 4 years ago
  jackyalcine 9cc0919d51 Add commit message template. 4 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 930c66fb24 go to the right place. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné de8f509f7b update git config. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 7762ba4405 updated git config. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 6665f96960 update git options 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 23848004b6 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jalcine/gitrc 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 6233454ea9 Use tracking, not simple. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 598bf63527 Update config. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné daccf7ac9c Change shell scripts to handle Git. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné be620051f6 [cfg] Add 'clean-merge'. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné 5ef236c8c6 [update] Bumped up git things. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alciné fbcf72f295 [patch] Update git config and made 'git-up' executable. 5 years ago
  Jacky Alcine 95884ec48c [wip] Add foundation. 5 years ago