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Jacky’s Docker images

These images are what I use to run my personal suite of applications. It’s part of my move to the IndieWeb. Below are what I’ve aiming to have:

Each of these images are tailored to run on [Dokku][], a self-hosted PaaS modeled around [Heroku][]. The goal of each is to provide the following:

  1. Configuration-powered convention: Dokku follows Heroku’s way of handling things, with the whole app.json convention. Most applications don’t have this out of the box. My images are tailored such that they can be simply pushed and set up on a Dokku (or any Heroku-conforming) service with no issues.

Why Didn’t You Accept my PR/IR/…?

I generally won’t take pull requests outside of performance improvements and the like because these images are meant solely for me to use. You won’t even see them on the public Docker registry because they’re not meant for that kind of use. I also doubled as this for me to experiment with new tweaks and features of Docker and Dokku on my infrastructure; a form of selfdogfooding.

If you do want to use them but choose to copy, please abide by the license. Be a good netizen.