39 Commits (a84162561573e7991e46483b2f6fa821187b31c9)

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  jackyalcine 88694b430c
feat(theme): Add 'simplest' to platform. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 7d9d1be492
update for parsers and otp secret tests. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 67c7ecdcc4
update logic for uri parsing. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 1ac35f6160
Move to new JSON layout. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 0a682ec903
Update byline and accessors. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine d0e3b8f6cf
Update byline and accessors. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 0ad92ac418
test(fixes): Bring to 501 passed, 11 broken and 34 skipped. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 731dcbbea6
fix(webmention): Set global moderation status. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 50514f8b87
fix(domain-rule-set): Add logic to use it in incoming webmentions. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine c71b535d1d
feat(webmention): Add upgrader for JSON. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine fdb8d37652
fix(general): Add reparsing of Webmentions. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 7248502ca1
fix(webmention): Check and default if nil. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine d36c39c5d9
fix(webmention): Tweak to fill things up. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 0c9a1077b3
fix(files): Reformat. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine b4c103a493
fix(warnings): Correct warnings. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine aefec04f47
fix(webmention): Allow for updating of the author. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 4089d74b6b
fix(job): Update logic around. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 0657fc8068
fix up wm, page and increase log level. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 6cdbbca6ee
feat(remote-parser): Logic in placec and used in Micropub. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 8c120f1364
feat(webmention): Add soft-delete support. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 4e2a47b817
Optimize URLs. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine e9b891cd86
fix(webmention): Okay if it starts with a '/'. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 95f3dd1dcf
fix(webmention): Handle pages. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine e521a8636f
fix(webmention): Resolve pages for incoming. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine ee2404d2a1
fix(webmention): Allow any page on the site. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 3f14f14311
feat(guestbook): Allow loigc and routing. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine b5833ded09
fix(webmention): Make it line up. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 3ecf02d1d9
fix(webmention): Support updating of Webmentions vs making new one. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine eada23b5c0
feat(project): Tweaks to content. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 1fd8bfa597
fix(syndication): Ensure we only update, not recreate. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine dc7a49a5cb
fix(webmention): Update logic for outgoing. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 2a943cdd75
fix(webmention): Be direct. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 5a9a5ee509
fix(app): Wide-spread tweaks. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 45f1d9c4bc
fix(webmention): Drop tuple in target. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine b0371d9cad
test(logic): Here we go. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 753a7a3925
fix(test): Clean up work with Webmention. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 7454b6d541
fix(webmention): Handle incoming + sending. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 7e02f7766b
fix(indieweb): Move more to the library. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 21b6042c82
feat(indieweb): Update logic for storage. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 6a8f4d465e
feat(indieweb): Use more library logic. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 468b15b122
feat(webmention): Support homepage mentions. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine 19658c4fac
feat(webmention): Update tests and change resolving method. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine a983976179
test(random): Update models and micropub. 11 months ago
  jackyalcine fe6abfe101
fix(webmention): Allow manipulation of stored ones. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine eb1e9641dc
chore(fixes): Here we go. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 0e2dcfbbba
feat(job): Implement for Webmention and syndication. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 2619ccacb0
feat(syndication): Add logic for dynamic sending support. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 66a546a420
fix(micropub): Update article posting, debug statement. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine 91386eb066
feat(template): Refactor pages to use theming. 1 year ago
  jackyalcine bfbf2e3522
fix(micropub): Allow for entry updating. 1 year ago