1117 Commits (develop)

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  jackyalcine 3249f1ae76
Merge tag 'v0.1.2' into develop 1 week ago
  jackyalcine e8e22c18fe
Merge branch 'release/0.1.2' 1 week ago
  jackyalcine 01431859a6
chore(release): Bump to 0.1.2. 1 week ago
  jackyalcine 0d40106d98
feat(hfeed): Add basis. 1 week ago
  jackyalcine 4d85414963
fix(metadata): Use 'yes'/'no' for stuff. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 56c09c40ec
fix(metadata): Use valid parameter. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine b18d361b1a
feat(metadata): Allow silo data to be optional. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine e1a473f9b6
feat(theme/default): Show media for replies. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 148b2c974f
fix(indie/auth): Update logs. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 16462e3b02
fix(content): Adjust how hashtags are rendered. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine aa100616a5
fix(media): Remove UTF-8 extension to renderer. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine dbac7c427a
fix(theme/default): Add fonts to use. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine b5aeba80e2
Merge branch 'feature/inject-custom-code' into develop 2 months ago
  jackyalcine a3694dfc3c
fix(theme/default): Fix asset compilation. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine d827c0925a
chore(devx): Add linting step. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 4daa8a4efd
chore(devx): Add 'eslint' to suite. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 1cc94afcbf
feat(theme): Add logic for custom HTML. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 58fc16d89f
fix(mix): Start HTTPotion. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 78a9422ec6
Merge tag 'v0.1.1' into develop 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 6a4cc459ea
Merge branch 'release/0.1.1' 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 72667c9584
docs(version): Bump to 0.1.1 2 months ago
  jackyalcine d785c87e6a
fix(post): Relax on trunaction of titles and content. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine c185277f78
fix(themes/default): Reorder rules. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine bc78137560
fix(themes/default): Wrap preformatted code. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 56accfec4c
fix(theme/default): Actually change fonts. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 48e2edc2a7
fix(theme/default): Change fonts used on site. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 5b1a23bb62
fix(theme/default): Repair stream. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine b6d7b05fb7
fix(theme/default): Add link to replies in stream. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 1fd28facf3
fix(theme/default): Show post date. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 807b471f27
fix(mime): Send proper types everywhere. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 86f1156a71
fix(post): Expand the length of titles. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 186a1055c1
fix(theme/default): Dump all of the HTML in entries. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 616fe37fe8
fix(theme/default): Make sure proper bits are used. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine e0b384ba6a
fix(app): Custodial changes. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 63c1814593
fix(web): Force content negotigation. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine cb994f30c9
fix(ci): Correct test to match properly. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 98a7ff1462
fix(test): Look only for a p-name. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 85381182a2
Merge tag 'v0.1.0' into develop 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 12cba52120
Merge branch 'release/0.1.0' 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 814e3e0a11
chore(version): Bump to 0.1.0. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 188fd05ba0
docs(README): Update coverage badges. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 27b55161b6
devx(config): Drop logging in tests to 'error'. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 0fb7afecef
test(ci): Add Coveralls comand + token. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 686856791f
chore(git): Ignore generated Swagger data. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 609e36345a
chore(devx): Change scripts and Docker setup. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine fa85390e95
chore(app): Tweaks for local Docker dev. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 8a85ada667
chore(theme): Spacing and adjustments. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 5e8ba47e77
themes(defualt): Opt for 'p-name'. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 229e94fad9
Merge tag 'v0.0.17' into develop 2 months ago
  jackyalcine d81f52f22f
Merge branch 'release/0.0.17' 2 months ago