263 Commits (develop)

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  jackyalcine 815f8cd2df Add if 'text' is in content. 2 days ago
  jackyalcine f70eba33be Merge tag 'v0.0.44' into develop 2 days ago
  jackyalcine eaf8e98e60 Merge branch 'release/0.0.44' 2 days ago
  jackyalcine e86191e0c1 bump(version): Go to 0.0.44 2 days ago
  jackyalcine ecd270abd8 Update to clear units. 2 days ago
  jackyalcine 6b723267e7 fix(url): Passthrough for strings. 2 days ago
  jackyalcine 91013449e5
chore(hcard): Add cases for h-card. 5 days ago
  jackyalcine 1d022e1bd1
Update test for storing mf2 info. 1 week ago
  jackyalcine e7dddcb4e9
mf2: Update to fetch from cache directly. 1 week ago
  jackyalcine 755e1397c2
mix: bump deps. 1 week ago
  jackyalcine 6f51e2805f
mf2: add parser and resolver. 1 week ago
  jackyalcine 2c9943aa49
ptd: Improve resolution for posts. 1 week ago
  jackyalcine 151d60d650
fix(http): Update user-agent string. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 77dff60178
Merge tag 'v0.0.43' into develop 1 month ago
  jackyalcine d6d236efbb
Merge branch 'release/0.0.43' 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 61f51704c6
chore(docs): Take version from Mix. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine d596f8f24c
fix(logging): Remove call to Apex. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 3ed39f9307
fix(test): Opt for reducing lint issues. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 7df7c1a3dc
fix(indie): Make it lean. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 9f01dd1a1e
fix(auth): Add method to check for support of IndieAuth. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 4520cd0971
fix(clients/indieauth): Correct method used. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 3d4eaf31ef
feat(auth): Add client for handling IndieAuth verification. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 7f6b96dc75
Update for https/tls 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 6bc1b6ffa2
Go for a map. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine b8409c0abf
fix(mnesia): Add location. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 4738032267
Pass error down. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine a495c0aa24
Bump limit. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine c62f0e977a
fix(tweaks): Updates and logic. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 246e7cfc32
Update post_encoded call. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 9ed31b4005
Ensure we encode the request. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 71be03aa30
Patch it up for webmention sends. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 0efdf1ff71
Don't compress. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 7179916d06
Remove unused struct def. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 731c4b3f1b
Move to tesla using a patched version. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine f8416e9d1d
Tweaks all around. 8 months ago
  jackyalcine 6b369a6e74
Merge branch 'master' of git.jacky.wtf:indieweb/elixir 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 548c095047
Updates. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 919fc3509a
Fix mix. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine c4c1094afa
Merge tag 'v0.0.42' into develop 9 months ago
  jackyalcine a1df6ecd49
Merge branch 'release/0.0.42' 9 months ago
  jackyalcine ffcf189506
Fix that up. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 37ea1577a5
Patch up. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 736d91231d
Merge tag 'v0.0.42' into develop 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 3f232956c0
Merge branch 'release/0.0.42' 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 04d1df09da
bump(version): 0.0.42 and drop if not a string. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine a83b141cf7
test(hcard): Check if relative works. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 8270c20644
Merge tag 'v0.0.41' into develop 9 months ago
  jackyalcine e72d5486ad
Merge branch 'release/0.0.41' 9 months ago
  jackyalcine 350de31ce0
bump(version): 0.0.41 9 months ago
  jackyalcine afde598bde
fix(hcard): Extract URI of photos. 9 months ago