Represents the hosted IndieAuth service provided by
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A distributed authentication and authorization service for the open Web.

This is the source code for the service that provides IndieAuth log-in support for your website to other services.


Handling RelMeAuth

When the user’s presented with a site that Fortress is capable of signing in with, it’ll navigate them to a page that’ll inform that Fortress will sign in with said site. We confirm that the user in question can sign into the account specified by the remote service. Once that occurs, we determine the correct profile information for the newly signed in service and confirms that it both points to the URI provided as a rel-me and that the URI points back to the user’s site (using rel=me).

  • Store information about.
    • me (user)
    • rel-me values held by me.
  • Update validity of rel-me value of me on sign-in flow.

Account Creation

People will submit a URL that’ll represent them on the Web (ideally). Ideally, this URL points to a freely accessible HTML page. The kind of things we’ll be looking for are:

  • IndieAuth authorization endpoint
  • rel=me links to
    • GitHub
    • Twitter
    • Mastodon
    • Pleroma