149 Commits (develop)

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  jackyalcine b7f57f7785 Make this flow. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 1640119f1e
chore(project): Update ignores. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 7e91391828
Update state token to be persisted. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 0f517673cf
chore(server/deps): Update changes. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 753657ba5b
chore(server/deps): Update changes. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 89e2d1a394
Merge branch 'feature/convert-into-monorepo' into develop 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 6f9e4e60dd
chore(server): Update deps and git ignores. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 08972e2df2
chore(deploy): Add monorepo alert. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine a4dde22ec2
chore(mobile): Add basis for app. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine fda3b65d54
chore(project): Move server into sub-directory. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 0b30bcf9ba
Merge branch 'feature/associate-devices' into develop 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 68becb307f
chore(project): Just merge them in. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine a2ed3227d7
chore(project): Resolve update and device sync. 1 month ago
  jackyalcine 9bb4be780f
feat(device): Add logic to generate and store pairable devices. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine b3751bc9b2
fix(files): Remove more stuff. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine ed4236dfc9
Merge branch 'feature/provide-indieauth-endpoints' into develop 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 4e4e3ff4d3
chore(project): Add IndieAuth. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 88bbf7995d
chore(project): Update UX. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 8cf087a544
fix(layout): Adjust well. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 7bbbfabaf7
chore(project): Fix up styling. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 933a421bd2
Merge branch 'feature/add-oauth2-flow' into develop 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 2ceae7b1e5
chore(project): Add copy and footer. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 42c706592c
chore(oauth): Log into users. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 19e058540c
chore(project): Update typefaces. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine d004874c56
chore(oauth2): Add logic for GitHub prereq. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 7a2fca6766
chore(oauth): Add router and controller. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine eedcad17d8
chore(pkg): Resolve difference. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 863c448064
chore(assets): Remove invalid parameter. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 9e3997e9ac
chore(project): Get async resolution going. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 67848a044a
chore(scripts): Adjust. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 55295b9899
Merge branch 'feature/reset-platform' into develop 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 26bbe8f32c
chore(reset): Do the wipe. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine a0c728e54c
chore(landing): Make this work. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine 22dba46e31
chore(project): Reset env. 2 months ago
  jackyalcine b627a16cf5
Remove logo until it works. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine f36001e358
opt for png 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 0cffa6930e
Add images back. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 62d5766327
Opt for more Koype-ish stuff. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine c4772a35bf
Tweaks to make it work. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine b76b3da590
Make this fly. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 1a16d24ee9
Merge branch 'feature/resolve-me' into develop 7 months ago
  jackyalcine e26e99e90c
Update logic to work. 7 months ago
  jackyalcine 7d25eff953
project(fonts): Repair loading of self-hosted fonts. 9 months ago
  jackyalcine a3f9325662
Fix the flow. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine acf4d95966
That works. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 06a0d66871
Got it going. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 5bc588e549
Don't rely on npx in builds. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine 3fddd888b0
Refactor HTML on page. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine fcb45d3e3e
Toggle listing of unsupported options. 10 months ago
  jackyalcine c2e5621422
Remove debugging call. 10 months ago